About Haydon

21/12/11 - 06/04/12

Haydon was born 10 weeks prematurely and was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome at birth. He had several serious health issues that couldn't be medically managed, and sadly he lost his fight. Haydon made it home for 10 precious days during his short life, but spent the majority of his life in 3 different hospitals.

While Haydon was in hospital, his Mummy made hand and foot impressions as a gift for his Daddy who was suffering a viral infection and couldn't visit him. Those 'gifts' became one of the most treasured items that his family keep safe, and are thankful that they were able to create them.

Haydon's parents set up Haydon's memorial fund to fundraise specifically for these much needed and precious memorial keepsakes, knowing full well their value. Working along with the SiMBA Charity, and Yorkhill Children's Foundation, Haydon's parents, friends, family and community, fundraise regularly to raise enough money to be able to provide these precious keepsakes to bereaved parents. These aren't a standard 'gift' for bereaved parents, but Haydon would like to make this happen long term, not only within these hospitals, but in the wider hospital community.

We cannot stress their value, and ask for people to give generously for this cause.

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