Meet Haydon

3rd Chapter: Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh

Haydon was admitted into The High Dependency Unit, with Bronchiolitis. It then became more obvious that Haydon had 2 holes in his heart, narrowed vessels in his lungs, issues with his bowels, and needed resuscitated 37 times during the 7 weeks of his stay here.

He became unable to breathe independently without C-Pap Support, and was tube fed his milk. He had several blood transfusions, and had a tube inserted from his nose to his bowels to assist his reflux issue, as it was discovered that Haydon was aspirating his milk into his lungs.

He fought so hard every day to stay, and everyone around him believed he would win this fight because he was so determined.

As time progressed, Haydon became even more poorly. He developed MRSA, at the same time as needing an emergency operation on his heart.

Haydon was then transferred to Yorkhill Children's Hospital, Glasgow.

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