Meet Haydon

5th Chapter: His Legacy

In the days, weeks and months following Haydon's passing, his family have been provided a lot of comfort knowing that the memory of their son, grandson, nephew and cousin, will live on.

Haydon whispered in the ears of his Mummy and daddy, and they set up a Charity Fund to create memorial keepsakes for other parents who have to endure the loss of their child, or children.

The Gift from Haydon in particular will include an opportunity for parents to capture hand and foot imprints on permanent casts.

Haydon's Mummy had made these as a gift for Haydon's Daddy at one of his hospitals, when he had a tummy bug and couldn't visit. We are so grateful to have these, and treasure them so much. They are one of our most precious items and will be for always.

It made sense that these should be the focus for Haydon's Charity Fundraising, as they are not available in the standard memory box packages.

These 'Gifts from Haydon', will now be offered alongside existing memorial boxes from the SiMBA Charity, made available at Yorkhill Children's Hospital and surrounding Hospitals. With a long term view that these Gifts can be made available to all bereaved Parents on a much larger scale.

The Photograph that headlines Haydon's Charity Fund, is one taken just before he was discharged to come home from the Neonatal Unit. The Foot-prints on his Logo are his own, these were taken at The Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh during his stay there.

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about our son Haydon, and his strength, his courage, and his determination.

Forever our Miniature Superhero. May he touch your heart too with his whispers.

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